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Hyde Park Hotel London

Flemings Mayfair Hotel is just a short stroll away from one of the greatest city parks in the world, Hyde Park. Boasting an impressive size of 350 acres, Hyde Park offers a wealth of activities. Whether you fancy swimming, cycling or boating, playing tennis or football, or visiting the fascinating buildings and monuments, there is something for everyone in Hyde Park.

Hyde Park History
Hyde Park was used as a private hunting ground by both King Henry VIII and James I. The park was opened to the general public by Charles I in 1637 and was used as a place of refuge by Londoners during the Great Plague of 1665. The Serpentine created in the 1730s by Queen Caroline is a now a popular spot for swimmers.

Hyde Park became a venue for national celebrations from the 19th century. Some famous historic events that took place in Hyde Park were the fireworks 1814 to mark the end of the Napoleonic Wars. 1851 saw Hyde Park host the the Great Exhibition of industry and culture. Interestingly Flemings’ stained glass window commemorates this event as 1851 was the same year that the hotel was founded by Robert Fleming.

Hyde Park Activities
The Park plays host to many famous London events and concerts. These Include the BBC Proms In The Park in September and Winter Wonderland at Christmas. Hyde Park is the ideal spot to enjoy one of our picnic hampers while soaking up the summer sun.

The warmer months are the perfect time to hope on a bicycle and coast along the shady paths and through the dappled sunshine of Hyde Park. Our hotel Concierge can show you the best routes for cycling around Hyde Park and give you top tips for a great day out, as well as arrange a picnic hamper you and your loved one or even the whole family.

To reach Hyde Park From Flemings Mayfair: turn right onto Piccadilly, continue straight for about 10 minutes and you’ll reach  Park Lane and Hyde Park Corner at the eastern border of the Park.


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