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Meet our Concierge Team!

Friday, 13 September 2019
Andrew and Ryan (med res)

No one knows London better than our Concierge Team. We caught up with Andrew Sturge, Flemings Mayfair’s Head Concierge, and Ryan Alden, Assistant Head Concierge to find out a bit more about them and how they help our guests have a memorable stay at Flemings Mayfair.

Both of you have the golden keys, could you tell us about this society and how can you get the distinction?

Andrew “The Golden Keys is an association of approximately 4,000 hotel concierges working in 80 countries and 530 destinations. It was originally founded in France in 1952 and has been based on two main principles: Service and Friendship.

To get the Golden keys, the aspiring member must have been a uniformed concierge for five years in a hotel that must meet high standards, then has to sit for an interview with a committee panel.

This distinction highlights the knowledge and experience of the Concierge, and the expertise he or she has in their job. Concierges use their network and friendships to fulfil all requests – from routine ones to the most extravagant queries.

Andrew has had his Golden Keys for 25 years and Ryan for 19 years.


What is your favourite place in London?

Ryan “If you want to go out and have a good time, I would definitely recommend going to St Christopher place to shop. Do not miss the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, go to Westminster Abbey or take a boat trip to the Tower of London.”

What is your favourite dish/ cocktail?

Andrew “We actually have a lot of cocktails – delicious ones – on our menu at Manetta’s Bar. But even better, tell the bartender your likes and dislikes and he will make something very special just for you.”

If you could spend a night in one of the rooms, which one and why?

Andrew “I love our Studio Suites, because most of them have a private patio and their own gin bar!”

Ryan “I would go big, treat yourself to the Penthouse!”

What is the craziest client request you have ever had?

Andrew “Someone did ask me once to fill a bath with rosé champagne once…”

Ryan “I think I have a better one: I once had a guest who asked to ride the queen’s horse!”

What can we speak to you about if staying at the hotel?

Andrew: “We are here to help guests (and even non-residents of the hotel!) to experience London in the most memorable way. We pride ourselves in having the best inside knowledge and can help you plan your visits to the most iconic London attractions. We also like to recommend off-the-beaten-path experiences that will most likely create lasting memories. Believe or not, there are many hidden jewels in London that deserve a visit!”

We hope you enjoyed reading this post. Do keep an eye on the Flemings blog, as Andrew and Ryan will be sharing their best recommendations on what to see and do in London every month!


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