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Summer Sips in the heart of Mayfair

Thursday, 15 August 2019
Summer sips
Nestled within luxury boutique hotel Flemings Mayfair, Manetta’s Bar sets the scene for some seriously stylish sips. Not only was it the original hang-out in the 1930s for the artists and writers who inspired some of the signature cocktails of our menu, but rumour also has it that the bar was a favourite spot for spies that passed information whilst sipping on a cocktail…Today, Manetta’s Bar remains one of the most exclusive and sophisticated bars in London. 
And never one to rest on its laurels, Manetta’s Bar offers seasonal and exciting cocktail variations all year round.

…Introducing our playful summer cocktails!
Summer in London may be unpredictable at the best of times, but of course, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat yourself to some of its quintessential delicacies. 
We have the perfect pick-me-up, to be enjoyed even when the weather doesn’t play nice. 
For a limited time only, let us take you down a trip to memory lane with our exclusive Summer Sips, a unique cocktail collection inspired by nostalgic British Summer treats.
Priced at only £14 per cocktail, expect pink candy clouds, creamy “99” or a trip to the pier with our moreish Beside the Seaside creation... 

‘The 99’: What makes it special? The touch of vanilla infused vodka and vanilla ice cream. 
This decadent combination of a cocktail and a sweet dessert will be the perfect conclusion to a great meal (at our highly-acclaimed restaurant Ormer Mayfair for example), or can also be enjoyed as an afternoon treat.

Candy Cloud: What makes it special? Its ethereal candy floss texture and sweet taste with a hint of sour lime. 
The delicate mix between the William Chase British gin and candy floss will brighten your afternoon or evening with a nice nod back to your best summer memories.

Beside the seaside: What makes it special? Its yummy candy garnish and breath-taking blue colour. 
This cocktail is served with a classic candy rock to add a fruity taste and is enhanced by a Plantation 3 Stars rum. You could almost hear the waves gently rolling nearby…

To book, get in touch with our team at Manetta’s Bar by email at or by telephone on +44 (0) 20 7499 0000.

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