Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy at Flemings Mayfair

We are committed to achieving best practice in terms of environment and social sustainability. 

Flemings Mayfair is a 129-bedroom luxury boutique hotel located in the heart of Mayfair in London. It is home to the highly-acclaimed restaurant Ormer Mayfair overseen by Executive Chef Sofian Msetfi, the sophisticated and intimate cocktail bar Manetta’s and the stunning Drawing Room that serves refreshments throughout the day.

The team across all departments at Flemings Mayfair recognises the importance of protecting the planet and thus, to put some strict guidelines in place, to achieve best environmental practice hotel-wide.

We constantly adapt our practices and hotel operations with the aim of minimising our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. We believe our efforts serve the interests of all our stakeholders and our community. Here are some of the principles we apply in our efforts to protect the environment:

1- We support local businesses and suppliers

Wherever possible, our procurement team orders from local and UK-based suppliers, whether it be for hotel supplies or kitchen ingredients. All our suppliers have carefully been selected for their values.

2- We support great local charities

As a business, we have the opportunity to support charities that help the local communities and those less fortunate. Flemings Mayfair has been supporting 'Charity Begins at Home', a UK registered charity with a passion and drive to help make a real change. 
The organisation, which runs food distribution every Friday and food banks, solely relies on volunteers and donations. Flemings Mayfair regularly donates food and other essential items to the charity and our staff can regularly be seen volunteering on Trafalgar Square during Food Distribution days. 

We also cook over 50 meals every Wednesday for families in need.

Find out more about Charity Begins at Home's work:

3- We minimise waste 

We strive to minimise food waste throughout the hotel and its outlets. This is seen with the procedures in the staff restaurant for example, or the strict food procedures in the kitchen for our guests.

4- We have gone paperless!

Our guests will now be able to check in and check out digitally, on a tablet. Invoices will be emailed upon departure and will only be printed if specifically requested.

5- We save energy 

Hotels usually require significant amounts of energy to run. We are fully aware of this and as such, have taken measures to reduce our energy consumption.

Flemings Mayfair has also invested in powerPerfector's technology to optimise the building's electrical supply, therefore guaranteeing lower carbon emissions and energy consumption.

All lights are switched off in guests’ bedrooms, unless a guest has checked in. The same applies to the televisions in guests’ rooms. Similarly, the air conditioning in rooms is switched off if the room is unoccupied.

In the hotel offices, lights come on automatically whenever a member of staff is present and are otherwise switched off.

Bed linen is only changed every second day by the Housekeeping team, unless otherwise required.

6- Recycling

All staff members are fully trained on recycling procedures, from food waste to plastic and paper. Team members are also encouraged not to print emails and attachments unless strictly necessary.

All these procedures allow us at Flemings Mayfair to tackle the following challenges we all face today:

Complying with legal principles
Committing to Fairtrade principles
Raising awareness among our team and guests
Protecting natural resources
Minimising our carbon footprint
Serving future generations’ best interests