Gentlemen's Tonic

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Enjoy a 15% discount on all treatments as a Flemings Mayfair guest.
Gentlemen's Tonic is the perfect antidote to the rigors and stresses of the outside world.
Gentlemen’s Tonic is a luxury establishment founded in 2004 in the heart of Mayfair, that affords the modern man a traditional barbershop and a variety of lifestyle and grooming services. 
Their establishment comprises elements of old and new: wood, leather and marble and all our services have been carefully selected and tested for quality and effectiveness and are designed to promote a sense of well-being and vitality. 
The name Gentlemen’s Tonic reflects two aspects: Gentlemen’s indicates that the business is dedicated exclusively to the needs of men and Tonic signifies the restorative properties of the brand experience.
Their philosophy is understated, self confident and provides the opportunity for clients to experience the highest level of dedicated care and attention.
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