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Buckingham Palace
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Only a short stroll through Green Park and a mere 15-minute walk from Hyde Park Corner, you will find Buckingham Palace, the London residence of the longest reigning monarch in the United Kingdom.

Built in the early 18th century, Buckingham Palace was first used as a royal residence in 1837 by Queen Victoria. Since then, it has been the center of many state occasions and royal events. Today, this London palace is a symbol of the British monarchy and one of London’s most recognizable landmarks, alongside other iconic attractions such as Big Ben – located in the Elizabeth Tower, a symbol of the United Kingdom and parliamentary democracy.

Did you know that, during Queen Victoria’s reign, the most prestigious composers of the time performed at Buckingham palace? Felix Mendelssohn played there on three occasions and Johan Strauss II and his orchestra also performed at the palace. The composer’s “Alice Polka” was actually played at the palace for the first time in 1849 in honor of the Queen’s daughter Princess Alice.

Another interesting fact about Buckingham is that the famous palace balcony was used for the first time for public appearance by Queen Victoria in 1851. This started a royal tradition that continues to this day, whether it be for the Trooping the Colour event or royal weddings.

During the summer from July to September, Queen Elizabeth resides at Windsor Castle and the beautiful state rooms at Buckingham Palace are thus open to the general public.

hotels near Buckingham Palace

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Start with a relaxing stroll through Green Park and enjoy the sight of its majestic trees while you mingle with the locals. Then make your way to the palace and marvel at the grand tree-lined road leading to Buckingham, the famous Mall, that has seen many royal horse-drawn carriages and Head of States over the decades.

Buckingham palace is also conveniently located within easy access to some of London’s most iconic tourist attractions. A short walk from the other end of The Mall, you will find Charing Cross, Trafalgar Square and the National Portrait Gallery, which houses a collection of portraits of historically important and famous British people. 

An equally famous landmark of London, Piccadilly Circus is also a short tube ride from Green Park, one of the closes stations to Buckingham Palace. It stands at the crossroads of the beautiful Regent Street which is lined with some of the UK’s best-loved shops, Piccadilly street that leads to the beautiful Green Park and Shaftsbury avenue, famed for its theaters – including her Majesty’s theater.
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