Meet The Team

Flemings Hotel Mayfair
Henrik Muehle

Henrik Muehle

General Manager
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Founded in 1851, Flemings Mayfair is a luxury townhouse hotel with 129 bedrooms, 10 luxury newly designed apartments and suites and a 7 bedroom townhouse. The Hotel is just a short walk away from the main tourist attractions such as Buckingham Palace, Green Park, Piccadilly Circus, the fashionable New Bond Street and Victoria Beckham boutique.

I would like to introduce you to our management team here below.
Yolanda 1000x1000

Yolanda Garcia-Morris

PA to Directors and General Manager
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Fortnum & Mason is a divine store along Piccadilly famous for their tea. The selection here is amazing; as I am Spanish this is a great place to buy traditional British gifts for my friends and family.

Distance from Flemings Mayfair Hotel: 8 minutes walk.

Paul Rafferty

Hotel Manager
The hustle and bustle of Piccadilly Circus is always a great sight and even better when the buskers are around.

Distance from Flemings Mayfair Hotel: 10 minutes walk.

Colin Exton

Director of Sales & Marketing
I love showing my family Buckingham Palace when they visit from Australia, it is such an iconic British landmark that is just a few metres stroll away from our hotel.

Distance from Flemings Mayfair Hotel: 6 minutes walk.

Monica Querol

Human Resources Manager
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Apsley House, otherwise known as Number 1 London, was the original place of residence for the Duke of Wellington. I am Spanish and really enjoyed learning about the English heritage of Apsley House. When visiting, I particularly enjoyed viewing the Spanish royal collection of paintings, Velazquez was my favourite.

Distance from Flemings Mayfair Hotel: 9 minutes walk.
Agnieszka Josko

Agnieszka Josko

Food and Beverage Operations Manager
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I began my career with Michelin- starred chef Shaun Rankin in Jersey. It was there that I truly developed my passion for food and service. When I found out about Shaun’s new ventures in London 9 years later, I couldn’t wait to get on board and support him as Restaurant Manager at Ormer Mayfair and now as a Food and Beverage Operations Manager.

Distance from Flemings Mayfair Hotel: 5 minutes walking distance.
Andreas Rosendal

Andreas Rosendal

Director of Wines
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If you’re in London and love your wines, then you definitely have to visit the Hedonism wine store. Its incredible selection of Chateau d’Yquem makes it worthwhile alone, but if that’s not enough then you have 5500 more wines to choose from.
Distance from Flemings Mayfair Hotel: 10 minutes walk.

Mishaal Eid

Front of House Manager
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One of the most visited museums in the world, the National Gallery is a must-see in London. I like to take family and friends there when they come and visit.

Distance from Flemings Mayfair: 7 minutes by underground.

Andrew 1000x1000

Andrew Sturge

Head Concierge
The best way to experience London has to be from a big red open top bus! Nothing more enjoyable in my opinion.

Distance from Flemings Mayfair Hotel: 3 minutes walk.
Adile 1000x1000

Adile Dalgic

Reception Manager
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My new favourite restaurant in London is the newly opened Kitty Fishers restaurant in Shepherd’s Market. It is a cute little restaurant that is quickly becoming very well-known for its delicious food, cooked by the award-winning chef Tomos Parry. This restaurant now has a long waiting list so I always need to plan my trip in advance, but it is worth it.

Distance from Flemings Mayfair Hotel: 2 minutes walk.
Andrei  website picture  medium res

Andrei Gazdac

Executive Guest Services Manager
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I love the history of the hotel and the street it is located on. Half Moon Street is mostly famous for its fictional residents; Algernon Moncreiff from Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest and PG Wodehouse's Bertie Wooster, who had a flat there where he was looked after by the faithful 'Gentleman's Gentleman' Jeeves.


Claudia Turriziani Colonna

Revenue Manager
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Curzon Mayfair cinema always has a great selection of movies, classic and contemporary. They often play foreign films which I adore, I love a great Italian romance, it reminds me of home.

Distance from Flemings Mayfair Hotel: 5 minutes walk.
Miriam Hahn

Miriam Hahn

Reservations Manager
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Green Park is located a stone’s throw from Flemings Mayfair. It is the perfect place to have a stroll on a sunny afternoon or relax after a busy day sightseeing. Buckingham Palace can be found at the end of a beautiful tree-lined path.

Bella Viky

Bella Ballantini & Viktoria Peto

Business Development Managers
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We love nothing more than visiting Mount Street Gardens, especially in Spring when the flowers blossom on the cherry trees. It's simply glorious! 

Distance from Flemings Mayfair Hotel: 8 minutes walk.
Matthieu Provino

Matthieu Provino

Meetings and Events Sales Manager
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Shepherd Market is a hidden gem located a two-minute walk from the hotel. Expect charming cobbled streets and a village feel. Mingle with the locals and browse through the various art galleries that dot its streets.

Distance from Flemings Mayfair Hotel: 2 minutes walk.
Gabrielle  med res

Gabrielle Hutchison

Marketing Manager
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I am an avid reader and I love stopping by Maison Assouline on Piccadilly. The store itself is magnificent and its collection is extensive – you could spend hours browsing books. It even has a lovely café so you can truly relax and appreciate the surroundings.


Distance from Flemings Mayfair: 6-minute walk.

Micheal 1000x1000

Michael Dervan

Chief Engineer
I have a passion to travel and experience new cultures, Goyard is my desirable brand, positioned on Mount Street it is only a short walk from Flemings Mayfair.

Distance from Flemings Mayfair Hotel: 8 minutes walk.
Varo 1000x1000

Varo Thayan

Head of Finance
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The red carpets of Burlington Arcade reflect the true essence of Mayfair, complete with a traditional shoe shiner this is a great place I enjoy visiting after work.

Distance from Flemings Mayfair Hotel: 6 minutes walk.